Currently, there are over 3.5 billion internet users.
To get over 3 billion internet users in the world, 2018 needed to come around. Roughly half of the world’s population has internet access; today, with 3.5 billion users, the internet is more readily available than adequate sanitation.

Fuel your business with high-performance dedicated internet access.

With the rise of cloud technology, web hosting services, high-definition video and other critical applications—plus the explosion of Big Data—your business demands more from your network than ever before. Our Dedicated Internet Services deliver the consistent high performance you need to run those demanding applications—and reach customers via the internet quickly and reliably.

It’s all backed by our decades of network experience and round-the-clock support. That’s why diverse companies rely on us to bring low costs and reliable performance to their networks.

To make it simpler for you to access internet, we have cheap monthly bundles both Limited and Unlimited for mobile devices. To purchase a bundle simply tap Chat or Call/Whatsapp/SMS: +256 700 868 939

Purchasing a computer is a good step taken towards digitalization but connecting it to several other computers all over the world is one of the best ways to utilize its benefits. Accessing this information requires the use of Internet, so here is where we chip in!

We have a special Monthly package for Windows Users where all you need to do is install our client software available for free download and just secure an account to be able to connect. This is ONLY available to MTN Uganda Subscribers.

To download the setup …:::Click Here:::….

Our solution delivers high-speed dedicated internet access so you can maintain performance, security and reliability across your sites. Dedicated Internet Services provide enterprise-level connections to complement existing services like security, virtual private networks, VoIP, private networking, cloud, managed services and web hosting.

To secure a package for your company please send us an email on or tap the chat widget to talk to experts.



  • Contact admin for Purchase and necessary details
  • After downloading, Run setup
  • Enter Installation Password (Provided By Admin)
  • Continue to Install all the setups that will pop up
  • Activate proxifier with Key (Pops up in Notepad)
  • Exit proxifier from system tray (Clock Area)
  • Start Almatech Net (from desktop icon)
  • Enter credentials provided
  • Select a server (Not available for Basic)
  • Click Start (A page will automatically open) & Enjoy…

Speed up to 5Mbps

100% guaranteed

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Tether your devices eg. Smart TVs, Phones...

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